Guitar Coffee Table S-Model


Jimmy Hendrix’s favourite.

Handgegraveerd bericht

Voeg een gepersonaliseerd bericht toe op de onderkant van het tafelblad om deze tafel nog unieker te maken. Een erg leuke toevoeging bij een cadeau of gewoon om de tafel onvergetelijk te maken. Voeg bijvoorbeeld een naam, datum en/of korte zin toen. Het bericht wordt handgegraveerd d.m.v. pyrografie, een brandtechniek voor het hout.


Speciale Aanbieding - Gitaar Combo

Voeg een standaard grootte gitaartafel toe voor een gereduceerde prijs. Creëer zo je droom gitaartafelset!


Hand Engraved Message

Add a personalized message to the bottom of the table to make this table even more unique. Great as a gift or just add a personal touch. Add for example a name, date and/or a short message. The message will be hand engraved with a technique called pyrography (burning of the wood).

Special Offer - Guitar Combo

Add a regular/small guitar table for a reduced price and create your dream guitar table set.

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Guitar Coffee tables by Ruwdesign: Designed and handmade in The Netherlands

The table top is a scaled version of the actual guitar. We applied an all natural solvent free oil to add depth and rich color to the wood. Every single piece is a unique eye catcher! The guitar shape in combination with straight metal legs makes this table a perfect fit for almost every interior or music studio, both contemporary and classic.

Solid oak wood table top

If everything is possible, what wood would you choose for your guitar table? Exactly! That’s why all our table tops are made of solid oak. European oak. Super strong, durable and it looks stunning. We applied a construction technique that adds strength and prevents warping. Combined with the organic guitar contour the result is a very classy and lively design.

Robust steel legs

The legs are handmade of raw hot rolled steel. Robust steel with a much appreciated dark grey/blue shine that combines greatly with oak. If you look closer some small hints of the production process, when the steel was glowing red hot, are still visible and add to the character of the table. To preserve the legs we treated the steel with beeswax.

Sustainable design to last a lifetime

A sustainable, timeless piece of furniture that will last a lifetime is the ultimate goal. Due to the choice of materials in combination with the material finish this table will age beautifully. Even when accidents happen and some minor guitar shaped damage occurs this will add a story to the table without destroying its looks. Just like a real guitar!

– To support a green and healthy future Ruwdesign plants a tree for every product sold –

Dimensions 109 × 77 × 40.5 cm

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